Praises Will Bring Deliverance Into Reality

by Passion Translation Team on April 16, 2014

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Praises Will Bring Deliverance Into Reality
Revelation By Dr. Brian Simmons

I hear Him whisper…
“This is the day of joy and gratitude for what I have done in your life. Let your praises find true expression as you come before Me with your gift of singing and joyful celebration.

“I call you to feast in My grace and relish the joyous path I have opened before you. True worship is the highest and most sublime form of gratitude, for in your songs of worship you are proclaiming the goodness of God and breaking the lies from your soul that accuse Me of failing you or not providing for you.

“When you wear the garments of praise you are clothed in victory and breakthrough. My holy ones are robed in scented garments of praise. As you see yourself as My child the garments of shame are taken from you and you sit enthroned with Me in robes of splendor.

“When you possess joy, you possess the atmosphere of glory and release as praise. Why would you be depressed when I have brought you My greatest gift of all, the gift of My Son who brings release to every captive.

“Praises will bring that deliverance into reality. Praise in faith this day and watch the walls of limitation crumble before your eyes. Many are the victories that have been won by praise.

“My Judah warriors will go before you and open the way for you to dance the dance of triumph.

“The overflow of grace in your life will bring you a merry heart and a cheerful countenance. When praises rise before Me burdens are lifted from My people.

“Do not be of those who withhold their praise until they have their way. When you praise in freedom My will is done in your life and all that you long for will be fulfilled. Faith praises in the dark, for even my servants Paul and Silas praised Me in their prison cell until the sounds of joy shook the earth and broke open the way.

“Angels are released as you praise. Victories are granted as My Judah warriors bring their praises into My courts. This is the day you will bring your joyous gratitude as your love offering to Me, and I will give to you My peace and open before you a way into My glory, for you are the heir of My promises and the child of My joy.”

Psalm 136:1 TPT
Let everyone thank God,
For He is good,
And He is easy to please!
His tender love for us,
Continues on forever!


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Jess Cooper: I am a worship leader at church and I had made the decision to stop and sit out and give up because of my trials and journey thus far. I have become bitter and angry at so many and so much … and it all started with myself years ago when my sister passed unexpectedly. Last night I ran across this word and something quickened in my soul… deep. I breathed again spiritually like I hadn’t in forever. I chose to obey this and not give up singing even though I wasn’t feeling any real deliverance. This morning I woke up and felt different.

I noticed I had hope again and I noticed there were thoughts again of going forward and finding my next step in life through God. I ran across another devotion from David Wilkerson and it sealed the deal! Thank you for your faithfulness in giving these words.

Passion Translation, I know a lot of people condemn you for your journey and the things you are doing, but I just want you to know, you are making a huge difference in my life. I may be a nobody by the worlds standards, but by God’s I’m important enough to see your writings and feel life again. 

The best way to draw a picture of how your word helped was… I felt like Christian in Pilgrims Progress who felt defeated and was ready to lay there and get slain by the monsters sword, but then suddenly, he remembered the sword in his hand and drew it, got up again and continued on. Thank you for your help reminding me of how powerful the Word of the Lord is when we apply it!

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Martha Watt I attend a small street church that is made of the broken, the people that don’t really fit in a “regular church” because of their life choices, their pasts, whatever that separates us. For the past 3 months in this very humble place, heaven has come in during our worship. We don’t have musicians, we sing along with a cd.The most amazing thing is happening – it is abandoned worship of people that are so grateful to God because He is good – He took us out of the mire of our lives, and chose us to be His own. On several occasion I hear other voices singing along with us. One Sunday, there was a roar, like a very loud vibration that kept going throughout our worship. I was hesitant to say anything to anyone – didn’t want them to think I was “out there”. But I told my son last night – he has played in worship bands before. He said he has heard “other” musicians – heavenly instrument, and singers before when the worship was going hard – it’s a kind of warfare (according to the Word). I just don’t want it to ever stop. Love the Passion Translation – it feels like love letters from God!
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My Hand Grips Your Life

by Passion Translation Team on April 12, 2014

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Whisper From Heaven: My Hand Grips Your Life
Revelation By Dr. Brian Simmons

I Hear His Whisper

“My hand grips your life. It is because I have held you that you have not fallen or given up. My strong right hand holds you, even when you don’t know what to do. Many times My power has brought you deliverance, and you did not recognize that it was Me. I have ways to protect and to heal that my people have not yet discovered.10177407 614215231989995 1299455630964526813 n My Hand Grips Your Life

“The strength of My power is the secret weapon that I hold and will use on your behalf. If the enemy comes against you I will confront Him, for I uphold you with the right hand of My power.

“My servant David learned the lessons of the secret of My power. This is how he fought and won every battle. When you cannot see My power that doesn’t mean it is not actively working to bring you victory. My visible power will spark miracles, but My invisible power is the grace that upholds you and makes you strong. Trust in the secret of My power and you will learn the secrets of My ways.”

Psalm 63:8 The Passion Translation
“With passion I pursue and cling to You.
Because I feel Your grip on my life,
I keep my soul close to Your heart.”


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